Muse Tour 2016 – Drones!

Are you ready for Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard to rock your socks off? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen on the Muse tour 2016! They are already currently on the road and plan to keep going deep into next year. They have christened this year’s outing as the drones tour, and so far every stop along the way has been an electric high energy Rockfest that features all of the crowds favorite Muse songs.

The concerts will span from 2015 up to 2016. The reason that they are playing the shows is that they just put out another album called drones. They are very first show took place back in May 2015 on the 23rd. This show was in Norwich England in the venue was at BBC radio. In total there are going to be seven legs. With most of the shows taking place in Europe so far. The continent of Europe is going to have 72 shows just for them. South America and Asia are going to have six and seven shows respectively. In addition to that there are 25 shows scheduled in North America so far, but you can expect to see more dates to pop up as time goes along.

It didn’t take long for the guys of Muse to get back in performing shape. They held rehearsals about a month before they played their first show. They went back to a very familiar venue in order to get their sound just right. They went to air Studios where they had already rehearsed for many of their other activities.

While they are mainly sticking to venues like the nuns and stadiums, they are afraid of playing at more humble venues like festivals. Right now the guys are currently in North America, they won’t actually start their extremely long European leg until next year. According to the people handling the Muse tour 2016 the stage is going to be a circle, which resembles the stage that U2 used back on one of their previous tours. Both ends of the stage will be equipped with a catwalk that way members of the band adventure far out into the crowd from every angle.

This means that no matter where your seat is at the show you are guaranteed to have at least a little bit of face time with these rock superstars. In keeping with the name of their concerts and album they are going to also feature real-life flying drones during their performances. It’s quite the spectacle! The first shows that are going to be using this high-tech set up will be the mid-November performances during their North American Lake, any shows that they played before these dates are going to use their normal Festival set up.

You can expect to see songs that span their entire catalog. You’ll hear tracks from showbiz, origin of symmetry, the resistance, the second law, absolution, dead star, and of course several songs from their brand-new CD drones. Right now their final date is in mid June, but there’s no telling when the shows are actually going to end. They might keep going all the way until the next year after their final date! You shouldn’t count on them announcing more concert stuff, if there is one nearby where you live sees the opportunity that you have to see them play live and purchase your ticket soon.